What To Do When Your Baby Wakes Up Early?

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Parenthood requires a lot of effort. It can be really a hard to cope with various issues. The most common problem mothers have to face is when their baby wakes up too early in the morning.

Although, waking up early is a healthy sign; however, this is not in conjunction with babies. Babies need adequate sleep to grow properly because they grow up to three times more than an adult.

Usually, babies are found to wake up much before the crack of dawn, i.e. 4:00 am or even 3:00 am. This is an unacceptable habit especially for new moms who have just begun to embrace the hardships of child rearing.

This article will give you insight into some credible ways to avoid your baby getting up early.

1.Shun Daylight: This is a key tip to keep your baby sleeping until late hours in the morning.

Young babies are found to ready to act upon slightest day light exposure. Day light is important to keep your baby awaken and attentive, whereas silence and darkness p[robes him/her into deep

sleeping spells.

2.Alter the Dream-feed schedules: A change in dream-feed time for babies who require feed at night can add some hours to early morning sleep. If your baby sleeps at 9 at night, wakes up at 1 am for feed and then again at 4 am, the last feed will turn him/her away from sleep.

Alter the timing and dream-feed your baby at 11 pm so he/she doesn’t wake up until 2 am. After 2 am your baby will be too tired to wake up early at the usual 4 am or so.

3.Cozy sleep environment: Babies sleep soundly in cozy environment. Ensure the room is not too cold or too warm. They wake up early upon sunlight exposure and heavy sounds. Keep your baby’s crib away from early morning sounds. Do not make any movement in the room and keep other children away from the room.

4.Act as if it’s still night: This is an expert advice to keep your baby sleeping until late in the morning. If your baby wakes up early while you are sleeping too, act as if it still night. Draw off the curtains at night so there are no outside sounds creeping in early morning. This will make your baby believe its still night and morning comes later. Keep on sleeping until the baby needs your serious attention. Gradually, your baby will have adjusted to that sleeping routine.

5.Less amount of sleep at day time: Many children sleep well at day time when other family members are away and there are no activities in the house. It continues until evening when the baby is fully awakened. This hampers the night sleep hours. Keeping your baby engaged during day hours will induce longer sleeping hours at night.

Each baby is unique and has a different mindset to perceive things. Do not panic if your baby takes a little longer to adopt these changes.

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