The Importance Of Outdoor Activities In Schools

From the first day of preschool to the last day of college, we are taught valuable lessons. You learn much more than academics in your schooling career, from problem solving to how to handle social situations. All of the skills you take away with you are very important, though some are more psychological than others, and you may not have even put too much thought into them in the past, but still use them to this day.

As adults, a lot of the things we do, we do as a result of “how we were raised”, but if you really think about it, the answer goes much deeper than how you were treated by your parents, or what you had growing up. The true answer lies in everything from how you take direction in a classroom setting all the way to what you choose to do with your free time, and how you associate with others.

During our early years, going all the way back to preschool, our time on the preschool playground is just as important as the time spent in the classroom. Social skills and creativity go a long way in this world, and the building blocks of those skills are learned here, in school, but not necessarily in the classroom.

Same Old, Same Old

Getting older, in grade school, it’s still the same, though the playground sets are more elaborate and challenging than those of your younger years. Just as your understanding of the world broadens, so does your need to get out there and be active during the day. School is more than just being crammed in a classroom for hours; there is valuable time spent in the schoolyard.

Even going into high school, though the playgrounds have disappeared, physical education remains a constant. And just as you were challenged with more advanced play areas and sports going up in the grades in elementary school, you are challenged just the same in high school and beyond, just on a broader scale.

You learn how to work with others as a team. You learn about strategy and how to communicate effectively. There are many things that you carry through life with you that you may not even realize are that important, but the building blocks start to pile up when you are young. Don’t underestimate the importance of a well-rounded education, both inside and out of the classroom. Both components work in harmony to help turn you into the socially aware, productive adult that you are now.

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