Microjects is dedicated in developing smart ideas and turning them into Micro Projects. The Android projects that can make life more productive and enjoyable.


Smart Transit

SmartTransit is a simple and very accurate public transportation application. It is designed to make your life more productive and enjoyable by identifying all the public transit stations around you and displaying the next arrival time for your trip. NOTE that before updating the app you must perform a full uninstall of the older application.
SmartTransit supports more than 100 cities worldwide

Just turn on the GPS and it will find all public transit stations around you and will list the name of the stations, routes/trips, next arrival times, your distance to the stop and your relative location to the stop on the Google maps,...
You could also add the stops to the favorite list. Once added to the list you won't need to enable the GPS anymore.


Smart Sensors

A toolbox of all sensors in your smartphone. Discover what is inside your smartphone and how they work. Simple, light and intuitive user interface. This is free App & Ad-Free.


My Qibla

The most accurate application to obtain Qibla / Mecca direction.
Very simple user interface, just run the application and you'll get Qible direction instantaneously.

To get the best accuracy, hold your device flat with its screen facing sky and make sure there is no ferrous metal objects and electromagnetic fields nearby.

The application uses Compass, GPS and Magnetic sensors along with "Spherical law of cosines" and "Great-circle distance" to obtain qibla direction.


Words Match Up

Word Match Up challenges you and helps you discover new meanings and new words. It is a great and fun tool in your quest for expanding your vocabulary.
The aim of the game is to match up two sets of words which is really interesting. Playing this game will improve your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills.
The words are chosen carefully to prepare you for English exams like Toefl, IELTS, GRE,...

Have Fun!



Index is a free Android application that has put together all major global financial indicators in a simple application. it compares different countries in each category.

    Some of category that are currently included:
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • Purchasing power parity (PPP)
  • GDP per Capita
  • PPP per Capita
  • Population
  • Area
  • Human Development Index (HDI)
  • Life Expectancy
  • and...


Use your smartphone to fly over Google maps satellite view with real-time traffic view.
SkyDive uses smartphone built-in sensors to navigate on the Google maps satellite views. It has intuitive flight control features and provides a real experience of flying over satellite maps of your city with a perfect aerial views.

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